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Better Connectivity
Happier Visitors
Actionable Data

Orion Wi-Fi makes it easy for businesses to use their existing Wi-Fi to offer seamless visitor connectivity at their venues.

No Hardware

Easy, Quick, & Free

Use your existing Wi-Fi network. It's free & easy to turn on Orion Wi-Fi. No new hardware or software required.

Insigntful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Orion complements your existing Wi-Fi analytics by auto-connecting more visitors while providing actionable insights about your network quality.


Happier Visitors

Seamlessly use your Wi-Fi to improve cellular coverage. Visitors automatically and securely connect, no action required.

How Orion Works

When a visitor from a participating carrier approaches your Orion Wi-Fi network, their phone automatically and securely connects.
Orion Wi-Fi is based on the Passpoint standard, and is compatible with commercial Wi-Fi equipment from leading vendors like Cisco, Meraki, Commscope, FortiGate, Juniper Mist, and more.

Get Started With Orion Wi-Fi
Entering a Venue

How Orion Works

Fast and free

Fast and Free

There's no cost to deploy Orion Wi-Fi.
Orion Wi-Fi is currently available to businesses in the United States and can be self-deployed in under an hour.

There's more!
Businesses with significant amounts of traffic are eligible to earn revenue from Orion.

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High Quality Networks

With Orion, visitors connect exclusively to high-quality networks.
Our system continuously measures network quality and shares this information in your admin Dashboard complementing your Wi-Fi analytics.
Orion ensures that users connect only when network performance is optimal.

High Quality Netowrks

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